The Ocean Cleanup

The Largest Cleanup In History

We’re excited to share with you an incredible initiative that aligns with our shared passion for preserving and enhancing the beauty of our oceans. At Yacht Haven Marina we wholeheartedly support The Ocean Cleanup, a remarkable organization dedicated to developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic pollution. Their innovative solutions harness the power of ocean currents to collect and remove plastic debris, contributing to the restoration of marine ecosystems. We encourage each of you to join us in supporting this vital cause. Visit their website to learn more about their impactful work and consider making a contribution towards a cleaner and healthier marine environment. Together, let’s make a meaningful difference and ensure the sustainability of our beloved oceans.

Yacht Clubs and Sales

In Southern California

The yachting community has many aspects well beyond marinas themselves. If you’re looking to buy, sell, or upgrade your yacht, Yacht Haven is home to Seacoast, Heritage Yacht Sales. Seacoast Yacht Sales, Wilmington Location is located right next door to our general office! Tony Duni, Yacht Haven Marina Owner, is also on the Board for Seacoast. Yacht Haven Marina helps organize events throughout the year and participates in many others. If you want to kick back and have some fun, give us a call! Have an idea for something fun? Let us know! Check back for upcoming events!

Marina Cafe

Located Onsite

What better way to reach the heart of the community than through their stomachs. We are lucky to have Wilmington Shores very own Marina Cafe located right onsite, across from our main office. Their prices are excellent, and the quality of the food is even better. Along with the great food comes a beautiful view of the marina, daily specials, events, and more. Before you head out on the water in the morning, or on your way back in and you need some lunch, stop by and support our local cafe, Marina Cafe. It’s worth it.

As if their delicious food, fun environment, live entertainment, beautiful view, engaging events, and excellent drinks wasn’t quite enough, Marina Cafe is dog friendly and offers a menu just for your pups, too!