Clean Marine


At Yacht Haven Marina we believe in doing our part to protect our environment. We operate our facility with policies that help keep our marine life safe, and our local waters clean. Due to our efforts operating in an environmentally friendly manner, we are now proud members of The Clean Marine program.

Protecting the environment is one of our biggest priorities. We are doing our part and we hope you have the same love and respect for the marina and the Southern California coast that we do, and we ask that you help us in keeping our beautiful home clean.

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General Principals

of the program

Some of the general principals of the program that we must meet are:

  • Fuel spill avoidance and containment procedures
  • Responsible topside boat maintenance and cleaning and boat bottom cleaning
  • Marina operation and practices and staff training
  • Waste disposal; providing oil recycling facility and other waste disposal assistance
  • Storm runoff control for the marina parking areas